My current, super simple morning skin care routine

Lately my skin has been loving me, obviously cutting out all the bullshit food and garbage I was putting into my body has helped, BUT Ive also been more conscious of what I’m putting onto my body and skin as well.

I started my mission, my quest if you will (cuz apparently I’m playing the life version of Minecraft or some shit?!) to find better, cleaner, cruelty free, chemical free, bullshit free skin care products. I found myself reading a ton of labels and finding products without the Suspicious 6 and since then Ive never looked back. Yes I’m still weening off some products with this shit in them but I hate being wasteful…bad for the environment ya dig?!

Anyways here’s my most current AM routine:

💗 Pixi rose cream cleanser- This cleanser feels SO nice on my skin, kind of reminds me of an oatmeal bath but for your face lol such a comforting texture. ⁣

💗 Herbivore botanicals jasmine green tea balancing toner- not a fan of the smell but the result is refreshed clean feeling skin. I actually love spraying this directly on my face mid day for a nice cool pick me up. ⁣

🐘 Drunk Elephant B-hydra intensive hydration serum- I just started using drunk elephant products on March 1st and so far I’m a huge fan! I’ve already noticed a difference. This product is so lightweight and smooth and really does lock in moisture. Cruelty free and Vegan! I love mixing this with other moisturizers and oils. ⁣

🐘 Drunk Elephant C-firma day serum- again I mix this with my b-hydra and it gives my skin that extra bright beautiful morning glow! Over time this will help with sun spots as well. The smell is a lil funky but if following with a moisturizer it doesn’t matter. ⁣

💗 Pixi H20 skin drink hydration gel- I use this directly after I’ve mixed my DE products. I was using this without as well and I can’t say enough how amazing this is. My skin feels so hydrated and smooth and it doesn’t have a weird or overbearing smell to it like other gems I’ve used. Will repurchase, the price is awesome too! Found at Shoppers. ⁣

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