The eye-opening, essential journey to a healthy mind, body and soul part 2

Ok so we covered my first initial appointment. Now let’s just dive into my 2nd.

Blood tests…. My fav…JK. But this one I was actually looking forward to because finally I would get some clear answers. So I did my fasting the night before and Monday morning there I was eager to get poked and pee in a cup. So fun right?

Then 5 days later I headed into my appt. Now since I can’t tell you everything due to the fact that I didn’t actually get that print out cuz that’s doctors eyes only stuff and I have the memory of an ant when it comes to medical terms, so I’ll just tell you what I remember.

I was dehydrated (shocker 🙄) I’m the worst at drinking water BUT I finally found a killer water bottle which I talk about on my #4 podcast. I was very acidic, and my gastrointestinal system was in my words, FUCKED UP. This was due to the common causes, most likely food intolerances, stress, infection which lead to –> disbyosis and damaging immune reaction in my mucosal lining of the gut –> aka intense gut inflammation which led to villious flattening (tentacle thing I was referring to on my podcast) which led to malabsorption. And alas my diagnosis Leaky Gut Syndrome. Basically my guts were totally trashed from the trash I was putting in my body and the stress that I was experiencing for who knows how long. Still with me???

So started the healing! REMOVE & REPLACE. The no list…which I was a little hesitant about at first but now it’s actually a breeze and I love eating the way I do and just chilling the fuck out, ya know? It feels REAL good! 😎

I know this may be a lot of reading but I’m giving you guys my actual full program that’s helped me literally back to being a light instead of a dark moody shit head. Because we all know healthy people are happy people! Keep in my mind this worked for me but may not work for others so always consult your Dr before going forward with big changes.

The elimination diet (remove):

-no nightshade veggies, tomatoes, eggplant, pepper family, potatoes…cue me crying over cutting out my best vegetable friend 😭🥔❤️

-no white anything, sugar, flour, alcohol, rice (brown rice is ok, takes fucking forever to cook so be advised well before you start dinner unlike me…)

-no dairy, eggs, peanuts, red meat

-no coffee! Thought I’d hate this one but my coffee headache and withdrawals are over and I don’t found THEE best alternative! Blog to come 😉

-no wheat or corn

-no shellfish

-no pop or drinks sweetened with sugar

– limit hot spices

Yes list:

-eat 4 different veggies per day, best if raw or steamed

-eat 3 fruit per day

-one handful of berries per day

-a variety of legumes such as split peas, lentils, and beans of all kinds.

-lots of wild fish, salmon, cod, baked or broiled or steamed

-meat of free range, chicken or turkey (I’m a pescatarian so I don’t eat these)

-healthy fats, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, flax oil, fish oils and fats found in raw nuts and seeds. Seeds must be ground to release oils. Coconut or grapeseed oil must be used for high temp cooking.

-herbal teas, mineralized water, total fluids I’m trying to drink are 2L/day. (Again peep the podcast for the best water bottle)

-honey, maple syrup or stevia in small amounts for sweetener.

Basically this is like a gluten free, 87% vegan diet LOL but totally doable! If I can do it, you can too.

Also try to cut out products with shit in them, you know like those awful cancer causing beauty products you probably lather on your skin. Cleaning products and plastics that are hazardous, get rid of em! Look for bpa free, phthalate free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, biofriendly products.

60 mins minimum of activity per day.

I’m currently making a list with photos of my fav food products I’ve found, so stay tuned for that.

Part 3 coming soon. Let me know your thoughts, drop me a DM, email or vmail on the podcast and let’s talk all things health!

Wishing you clean, happy, and energetic love and light today humans.

Luv yew all 💕

3 Quick tricks to regain that creative spark.

Let me start by saying I’m the queen of letting a dull uninspired mindstate get the best of me. We all have those days don’t we? Where we want to lay around and binge watch real housewives and dream of fancy, warm vacays, bottomless mimosas for breakfast. But unfortunately that shit doesn’t pay the bills. Well, not in my life it doesn’t.

So what do you do when you can’t write, create, think straight etc. Before I started this blog I was having a massive 3.0 writers block and let me tell you it’s V V ANNOYING. Like helloooo, why does it feel like there is a cute, white fluffy kitten patting a ball of red string around inside my head? It’s excruciatingly hard to concentrate some days.

I wanted to make a “how to” post about how you can instantly clear your head and get down to the nitty gritty.

Step 1: I do this every morning in my living room but it’s nice to do in a small space if you’re trying to have some quiet inspo time. Essential oils. Wether you use a diffuser or prefer some quick spray or roll on scents, my favorites currently are citrus flavors. Lemon, grapefruit and sweet orange. Citrus oils are great for enhancing your mood and help reduce feelings of anxiety and irritability. They also boost your mental energy levels and pep you the fuck up! Perfect right?!

Step 2: Breathing. Kinda need to breathe to live I know but how often do you actually just sit or lay down and have some really good breathes? Taking 5-10 mins to focus on just breathing with your belly and not your chest is so fulfilling (see what I did there?) No seriously though, it feels SO good. I like to imagine white and pink sparkly light coming in through my nose and filling up my belly as I breathe in, breathe in alllllll the way, hold it for a couple seconds and exhale. As you exhale imagine all that same white and pink sparkly, magical light is being released through your mouth, along with whatever worries, bad thoughts and negative energy you were harbouring inside you.

Step 3: Next I like to put on a few tracks and dance around in my room aka in front of mirror like a total idiot. You gotta get that blood flowing and what’s better than shaking your cute ass. Maybe I’m old but remember Electric Circus on much music circa 1999? I use to watch that religiously and dance like a maniac in my room with my door barricaded so my nosey older brothers couldn’t come in and bust me living my best life.

So there it is! Some super easy, super cheesy but effective ways to get out of your slump.

Have some other favorite ways to get inspired quickly? I want to hear them!! Comment on my latest IG post with some great ways to undull your mind and I’ll add them to a future blog or podcast!

Gratitude is an attitude!

I cannot put into words how much gratitude I’ve been feeling lately. I’m literally in tears as I write this because just a week ago I was so low I didn’t want to live. I’ve accepted myself and my vulnerability and I’m listening. I’m listening to my heart, my mind, my body, my well being. When I was down it felt like I’d never be up again. I had to get outside of myself. I forced myself to change, I started working out, practicing feeling grateful. I started taking care of my health, eating clean but mostly I got the fuck off social media.

I use to think things like money, social media, being liked by everyone mattered, of course you need money and social interaction to live but it truly does not matter. It doesn’t make you genuinely happy. Social acceptance doesn’t make you happy. I use to think I needed all of that to be who I am but it’s the exact opposite. Today I have less followers, less money, less “friends” and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Quality over quantity is a saying that is so fucking real, props to whoever figured that one out.

I had to change my self confidence and self trust. A shift in the ego. Ive been telling myself to keep my promises to myself to do better. I’m so fucking grateful. I’m content. I’m happy to be alive.

If you are ever feeling depressed, please reach out. Get into a routine, a ritual. Work out, eat clean, give yourself time to be still and meditate. Associate with happy spiritual people. Get rid of toxic people and things. Have a will to win. And you will.

Get grateful. Get driven. Get better.

I conquered my fears and made my first Podcast!

Alrighty guys,

By now you’ve heard the news about this new venture I’ve dived into. Yes that’s right, my mother fucking podcast!! Yayyyy me AMIRIIIITE??! Ok so I just gotta say, if you’re ever doubting yourself and feeling like you can’t do something. Just do it! (Thanks Nike).

I will admit I have no god damn idea what I’m doing but I’m having fun doing it so fuck it. On my podcast I’ll be covering beauty, wellness, style, daily life issues, influencial people, my take on what I think is good advice?? and pretty much anything in between. To say I have a niche is maybe a bit off. I’m a gemini ok, like fuck my brain. I have way too much going on upstairs for me to cover only one niche. So let’s call it a lifestyle podcast…? Yes great, glad we got that covered!

The great thing about this podcasting and blogging thing is that it’s all MY way. I’m the boss. And if you’re like me and have a hard time doing a regular 9-5 and being on someone else’s clock then you’ll understand. It’s so 1990. Huge fan of the 90s but not the work force days. Today anyone can basically do anything they want from the comfort of their own home online. Legit in tights and a sports bra while I write this. Slaying the game here people.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet please do! I wanna hear your thoughts and suggestions on what you’d like to hear me talk about. You can listen to Jenna’s View – The Podcast on all your favorite apps such as Anchor, Google podcasts (android only), Spotify, breaker and more! Don’t forget to subscribe and if you’re feeling generous give me a 5 star rating. Wink wink nudge nudge. Thanks for stopping by, now get out there and sucks today’s D!!!–My-first-podcast-e3180b/a-a5g0os